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We’ve made it through Halloween, today is Bonfire Night (anyone reading this not from the UK, Google “Guy Fawkes”) and next we’ll be ignoring (or culturally misappropriating) Thanksgiving. But we’re up for all of it at TeamRev – here’s why…

SEASONS give us so much to play with.

Whether it’s the four seasons with climatic changes, seasonal celebrations, annual events or trends, there will be something to hook your brand on to raise your profile.

A few ideas for brands with a B2B audience

  • Create an alert for three weeks before when your industry reports are released. Who’s top of the tree when it comes to customer service? What is Mintel saying about your sector? Plan in your responses to market shifts and prepare your brand spokesperson to be the go-to commentator
  • Is seasonal downtime the perfect opportunity to get your audience to review their professional services suppliers? Tell them what they should be looking for, share a bit of your expertise to keep them coming back for more
  • Just because you work in a B2B market, doesn’t mean you can’t be fun. What event can you join in with to share your company culture? Remember – images can make a story shine.

And what to do for your consumer audience

  • How has your product or service helped resolve a seasonal bugbear – do you have customers who will attest to that? Can your PR be entertaining, making your audience laugh or pull on their heartstrings?
  • If it’s not an entertaining story, can it be informative? Can you educate your audience, offering expert advice on this season’s must-haves or quick fixes?
  • So many consumers follow brands online, so why not provide titbits of news and advice combined in a seasonal countdown. Much like an advent calendar giving a surprise a day, share something daily around your chosen awareness day or annual event.

Think about what is coming up in the next four to six weeks, tie your news advice in with some local or national connections and pitch your ideas to your preferred media.

Don’t forget, if you’re hoping for coverage in national monthly titles, you’ll need to pitch at least three months in advance (sometimes six) to hit their editorial deadlines for a seasonal feature – I’m afraid you’ll be too late for Christmas 2019!

Want to learn more about hooking your brand onto PR-worthy seasonal themes? Follow our regular PR coverage examples on LinkedIn.

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