PR in lockdown

Well, here we are again folks. We just want to start by saying that we hope you’re all well and staying safe. For us here at Rev, it really is business as usual – in fact, we’re busier than ever. And we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how you can make the most of your PR right now. It’s actually the perfect time to give your profile and your presence a push – in the right way – to build trust and credibility with your target audiences.

Share your good news

We understand that some of you may be worried about sharing news of growth or success at the moment in case it sounds insensitive. We get it. But here’s the thing, when it’s written well and with the right messaging in place, good news is lovely to read. Especially at the moment. Good news will inspire, motivate and give hope to prospects, customers and stakeholders alike. Your good news might be an award win, a product launch, adding to your team or hitting a notable milestone in the business. Stuck for ideas? Get in touch and we’ll gladly brainstorm with you.

Share your knowledge and experience

It’s not just a ‘Clinton Card’ line when we say we’re stronger together. We’ve seen it through each lockdown – when business owners share their knowledge and experience, everyone benefits. And this isn’t just about sharing with your peers either. What do your customers need right now? How can you add value to them or solve a problem that they are undoubtedly experiencing? Expert guides and thought leadership articles set you as the go-to-expert in your field and build trust and credibility in both you and your brand. Remember, you’re not trying to sell anything here, you’re adding genuine value. When the times comes that customers are ready to buy or prospects are ready to invest, guess who they will come to…

C’mon and let meeeeeee entertain you!

Anyone else remember that or is it just us? Any excuse to get you to think about Robbie in his heyday. Basically, this does what it says on the tin. What we all need right now is something to make us smile. Perhaps it’s a heart-warming story of the difference your product or service has made to the life of a customer. An inventive or unusual way in which you’ve been keeping in touch with your team and your customers to combat lockdown loneliness? Maybe you’ve done something silly… especially if it involved making a bit of a fool out of yourself for charity. The point is, a bit of light entertainment goes a long way with the media at the moment and is a great way to demonstrate the culture of your business.

As ever, we’re committed to supporting our clients and the wider industry however we can during this period so, if we can help you in any way, give us a shout. You can email us at or follow us LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and drop us a message.

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