Now. And in person.

It feels especially relevant to be talking about this, given that we’re taking the long-awaited steps towards a collective ‘Grand Opening’ as a nation. Shopping centres and high streets have gleefully swept away the tumbleweeds and welcomed customers back with open arms – albeit masked and distanced in many cases.

What that also means, is that new businesses can now officially get the balloons and red carpets out and celebrate their launches in style. And don’t forget the cake… We love cake. No matter the offering, sector or location, new business owners should be undertaking what Team Rev refers to as ‘Grand Openings’. Why? Well, aside from the cake, it’s an exceptional PR opportunity! It doesn’t matter if your business operates from a physical location or not. It doesn’t even matter if you sell an invisible service. Yes, we heard you gasp at the back but fear not. Read on.

Your event needn’t be complicated

But as with most things, you get out what you put in. When it comes to the PR campaign to support it, think strategically and don’t just wait until after the event to drum up interest. Here are some top tips to make the event a success and get the most out of it, for the longest time possible.

  • Goody bags, special offers, demos, live acts – make sure it’s going to be fun!
  • Have a soft launch to iron out any kinks – invite family and friends as guinea pigs
  • Set a firm date for the Grand Opening and stick to it!
  • Invite key local figures and the media
  • Invite the best local and regional social media influencers
  • Get photographs – lots and lots of photographs (remember your authority forms)
  • Collect quotes and video clips (and remember your authority forms)
  • Craft a strategy that includes both pre and post press releases.

What you can do it you if you aren’t premises based or you’re a B2B brand

All of the above! Okay, okay we understand that it’s not quite as simple. But the principle remains the same. Sometimes, as a B2B or a service-based business, you have to be a little more creative. Look for a local venue to partner with and for added oomph, perhaps tie in a little charitable activity with your launch too. Depending on your target client, the media and key contacts you invite will be slightly different, but the end goal is the same, and is 100% achievable. Trust us, we do it.

The point of all this being, your new business is going to be a valuable asset to the local area and there’s more to talk about than just what you’re selling. Which by the way, shouldn’t form part of your PR activity anyway. We support franchisors and franchisees with Grand Openings every week and see the impact they have. So, to us, this is a no brainer.

But in case you need the benefits spelling out:

  • Launch PR campaigns kick-start a new business
  • Business owner profile raising to become a local hero!
  • Local brand awareness generates more customers and increased sales
  • Boost attendance at grand openings, showcase events and menu launches
  • PR builds trust and credibility which, in today’s marketplace, is vital.

And finally, when you do hold your own event or celebrate your launch just don’t forget the cake will you. Did we mention we love cake? It’s not a hint, but if you’d like our help then we do love cake.

To chat about how we help new businesses to launch with a bang and hit the headlines, drop us a line or give our Director, Lucy, a call on 07921 572554.

*Apparently, we’re also supposed to make it clear that we don’t in fact, work for cake.