Bit of a different one from us today, theme-wise. This is something that’s come up in conversation with brands over the last few months as they’re in the process of becoming a Team Rev client – welcome to the gang all!

The discussion point is, that people aren’t buying franchises like they used to. That’s not to say that they aren’t investing, but the process and the journey looks a lot different to say, 18 months ago. No great surprise. But even as lockdown restrictions continue to lift, and spending is on the rise, many prospective franchisees are still feeling cautious. Confidence has been shaken. Contrary to what some believe, a hard sell is not the way to combat this. In fact, pushing, pestering and bombarding prospects with sales messages is more likely to drive them further away. And often lose them altogether. So, what can we do to restore confidence and help people to truly buy into your franchise and their new future?

One of the most powerful ways is, of course, to get them to speak to existing franchisees in your network. Hearing straight from the horse’s mouth about the positives, and the challenges, of business ownership is a sure-fire way to galvanise prospects into taking action. But what if they aren’t at that stage yet? What if your prospects aren’t engaged enough to be ready to pick up the phone and have these conversations? Drumroll please!

A case study, of course.

Here’s a low-commitment high-value piece of content for prospects. A great case study can instil confidence, inspire and really capture the heart and mind. Equally, a bland, rambling and salesy case study can confirm all negative suspicions and worries a prospect may have about your brand. So, in typical Rev style, here’s a handy list of things that make a great case study. We love a list.

  • Don’t ram the case study full of sales messages
  • Highlight the franchisee’s ‘why’ – why your brand and why that time?
  • Take the reader on a journey, picking out key points in the recruitment process and business operations
  • Don’t make every case study the same and ensure you ask questions, the answer to which, will add value for the reader
  • Don’t shy away from challenges
  • Focus on the way being a franchisee has changed lives for the better – whatever that looks like.

We always recommend creating a library of case studies with a variety of backgrounds, ages and social set-ups. Think couples, people with young kids, people from the same sector and industry, some from the polar opposite. Those with previous business ownership experience and those with zero! You get the idea. Also, profile franchisees with different aspirations and goals for their business – those who wanted to achieve a better work-life balance, those who are in it for the money and those who want to give back to the community. By doing so, you create a powerful and compelling resource for yourself.  You now have the ability to offer prospects the chance to read about someone who is like them.

Why it works?

This level of association and being able to see ourselves in the people already operating the franchise, is hugely compelling. “If they can do it, so can I – right?” The added trust and credibility come when the story is genuine and is human – fears and obstacles overcome with the support of the franchisor. That’s what everyone is looking for.

And for real impact, profile franchisees who launched in the last 18 months. Tell their stories. We promise, you’ll be both impressed, surprised and inspired by your own network – image how your prospects are going to feel.

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