Rev PR becomes expert contributor to Franchise Expo blog


We're delighted to be on a panel of expert contributors to the Franchise Expo website. Here's our first blog "Jump in to the world of PR"... Jump in to the world of PR! Rev PR are very pleased to be writing an exclusive blog for Franchise Expo. We’ll be taking this opportunity to start at [...]

Rev PR becomes expert contributor to Franchise Expo blog2019-02-22T15:26:36+00:00

Festive PR – have you left it too late?


Many franchises have offers and good news stories around the festive season so have you thought about what you might pitch to the media this Christmas? Or have you left it too late? Different types of media have different deadlines You’ve probably missed the sleigh when it comes to the national monthly magazines whose December [...]

Festive PR – have you left it too late?2018-05-29T11:21:54+01:00

Using emotion in PR


After catching up with my far-flung friends on Facebook today, it suddenly struck me at how I’ve quickly become used to using emoticons to re-enforce what I am writing. In particular, I’ll use an emoticon to laugh at my own posts to show that I’m joking when the words I use mean that my audience [...]

Using emotion in PR2018-05-29T11:21:55+01:00

Good news travels fast


But do you know how to harness the most powerful recruitment tool available to you? Good news and success stories are incredibly useful for franchise recruitment and also to maintain a buoyant consumer market. It’s as close to stating the obvious as we’ll get but being able to take a step back and identify the [...]

Good news travels fast2018-05-29T11:24:12+01:00