What is content creation and why is it vital for your franchise?

Content creation – it’s a phrase we hear ALL the time now. But what does content creation actually mean? Understanding its importance for brand awareness and trust building is vital if you’re going to grow your franchise.

In case you didn’t know, Rev PR is a PR agency that specialises in franchising. Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed the transformational impact of content creation in the fast-evolving landscape of public relations. And yes, ‘content creation’ has become something of a buzzword, yet its true essence and its pivotal role in PR, especially for franchisees and franchisors across the UK, merits a deeper exploration.

Let’s delve into the meaning of content creation, understand its significance, and uncover the best practices for utilising content to enhance brand awareness and foster trust.

Unpacking content creation

Definition and scope: Content creation, in the world of PR, involves the crafting of engaging, relevant, and valuable materials which are aimed at attracting and retaining a defined target audience. Wow, that’s a mouthful even for us! In laymen’s terms it’s creating things that attract and keep the right people reading, listening and watching.

This encompasses a wide array of formats – from blogs, articles, and social media posts to videos, podcasts, and infographics. Bringing to life messages that not only resonate but also inform and connect on a personal level.

Essentially, anything you write, film, print, post and even say about your brand falls under the scope of content creation. You can’t do business without it.

Evolution of content creation: The advent of digital significantly broadened the scope of content creation, transitioning it from traditional press releases and broadcast to a complex array of online content. This evolution underscores the necessity for brands, especially franchises, to adopt a multifaceted approach in their content strategy. Put simply – because that’s how we like to do things – you must ensure you reach your audience across numerous channels, with multi-media content, tailored to their preferences.

The importance of content creation in PR

Building brand awareness: The franchise industry is often seen as highly competitive. We have our own thoughts about that (for another time!) but let’s go with it for now. In this case, content creation serves as a beacon. Illuminating your brand amidst a sea of potential competitors. The content you create should distinguish your brand through stories that are compelling and narratives that are memorable, ensuring your franchise stands out for all the right reasons.

Establishing trust and credibility: In the franchise sector, trust is paramount. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. So much so that lots of other people now parrot it too… People buy from brand that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Insightful and consistent content creation helps establish your brand as a leader in both franchising and your own industry. Your content creation strategy should showcase your expertise and commitment to quality, all interwoven with your unique culture and values. Laying this foundation of trust will attracts potential franchisees and loyal customers alike.

Engagement and relationship building: Beyond mere broadcasting, content creation should be used to spark meaningful conversations and build a community around your brand. Done well, it offers an opportunity for direct engagement with your target audiences. The best strategies are ‘closed loop’ allowing for genuine engagement and feedback that foster deeper connections.

Effective content creation strategies for PR

Understanding your audience: The cornerstone of effective content creation is a deep understanding of your target audience or audiences – it’s common to have more than one! This means delving into the needs, preferences, and challenges of both potential franchisees and end customers. Tailor your content to offer solutions, add value and avoid the hard sell. For the love Pete, please avoid the hard sell, will you?? If you’re still finding yourself doing this, give us a shout. There’s no judgement here… but we can help.

Storytelling and brand narrative: The art of storytelling is a powerful tool in content creation. Worry you don’t have a ‘story’ to tell? Think again!

  • The journey of your franchise – why and how
  • Personalities in business – who are your people and why are they special?
  • Showcasing development in your model
  • Investment in systems and support
  • Celebrating the successes of your franchisees
  • Exciting and entertaining customer feedback.

All of this serves to make your franchise attractive, relatable and aspirational.

Quality over quantity: While the urge to consistently churn out content is understandable, prioritising quality over quantity is crucial. Artificial intelligence engines such as ChatGPT can create hundreds of pieces of content daily – so exercise caution. Audiences are already savvy to AI content and are actively seeking out authentic, human-led resources. Use AI to speed up your processes and support your content creation but don’t rely on it completely.

SEO and visibility: Following on from the above – there is now so much content out there. By way of example, bloggers publish around 7.5million posts on the internet per day.

Ensuring your content is discoverable is essential. It’s therefore important that your most powerful keywords (and general SEO best practice) are incorporated into your content creation process. This will enhance visibility and drive long-term organic search rewards.

Measuring the impact of content creation

Setting objectives and KPIs: Someone very well-meaning and clever once said, ‘what gets measured, gets managed.’ It wasn’t renowned management theorist, Peter Drucker, before anyone rushes to tell us. He categorically denies it. For good reason.

“Not all things that matter, can be measured. And not all things that get measured, matter.”

So how do we measure the impact of the content we create? Sadly, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. You must set your own clear objectives and identify measurable KPIs with which to monitor your activity. Perfection is not the goal – instead, focus on what you think you know, then reviewing and refining the most successful activity to replicate and improve as you grow.

Analytics and adjustments: The digital nature of content allows for unparalleled measurability. Utilising analytics to assess the performance of your content provides insights into what resonates with your audience, enabling you to refine and adapt your strategy for even greater impact.

Is content creation still king?

In 2024, all businesses face an increasing demand for authenticity and engagement in a highly automated digital media landscape. It’s quite the juxtaposition. The role of content has undeniably become more nuanced, yet its sovereignty remains undisputed.

Aim to produce regular and consistent, quality content. Create content that is suitable for multiple platforms which is tailored specifically for your target audiences and truly reflects your brand. Measure your activity against specific metrics and refine over time for maximum impact.

If your content creation strategy feels lacklustre after reading this, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Drop us a line or give us a call because we’re passionate about this stuff. Email lucy@revpr.co.uk or call 07921 572554.

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