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‘Example press releases’ is an incredibly popular search term at the moment. And funnily enough, we’re not surprised. Pleased, yes. Surprised, no.

In today’s dynamic UK franchising landscape, the ability to craft an engaging and effective press release is crucial. This communication tool conveys the latest news and developments as well as serving as a strategic asset in shaping public perception and brand image.

Seeking out example press releases – quality ones of course – is a great way to begin to understand the format, flow, and content of a great piece.

But how do you know if the example press releases you’re finding are any good? Team Rev to the rescue! Drawing from the success stories of some leading UK franchise brands – that also happen to be clients – we bring you the lowdown on how to write the perfect press release and some excellent examples.

The art of crafting a press release

Googling ‘example press releases’ is one thing. Analysing what you come up with is quite another. First of all, it’s important to remember the purpose of a press release. A well-structured piece of content can elevate your brand’s message, ensuring it not only reaches but also engages your target audience effectively.

Do the example press releases you’ve found tick these boxes? When it comes to writing your own, keep a checklist of these ‘must haves’ to ensure you’re creating something of value.

  • Engaging headline. Your headline is the gateway to your content. It should be compelling enough to catch the reader’s attention and accurate enough to reflect the core message of your release. An effective headline sets the tone and expectations for the reader, making it crucial for capturing interest in a crowded media landscape.
  • Compelling opening paragraphs. The opening paragraph is where you lay the foundation of your story. It should succinctly cover the ‘5 Ws’ – who, what, when, where, and why – providing the reader with essential information upfront. This section sets the context for your narrative, drawing the reader into the piece. If they don’t like what they read here, or can’t work out what they’re about to read, it’s likely they’ll lose interest and move on.
  • Informative body content. The body of your press release is where you delve into the specifics. Here, you provide more detailed information including background details, quotes from key stakeholders and additional context that enriches your story. The challenge is to balance thoroughness with brevity, ensuring your message is comprehensive yet concise.
  • Strong boilerplate. A boilerplate is your brand’s snapshot – a brief about your franchise, its mission, history, and unique selling points. This section, typically placed at the end of the press release, provides a consistent background about your brand across all your press releases. End-readers won’t get to see this, but it provides vital context for journalists and other media contacts.
  • Clear contact information. Concluding your press release with clear and accessible contact details is crucial. It encourages journalists and interested parties to reach out for more information, facilitating further engagement and potential coverage.

Learning from the best: example press releases from some leading UK brands

Now for some fantastic real-life example press releases! We accept we may be ever so slightly biased, having written them all. But these have not only secured great coverage for the brands in question but successfully engaged audiences with powerful key messages.

  1. Tutor Doctor. This particular article featured on ‘London Loves Business’ focuses on the importance of shared values in franchising. It highlights how alignment of values between franchisors and franchisees is crucial for the success of franchise businesses and features insights from Global President, Frank Milner. Renowned for their tailored tutoring services, Tutor Doctor’s press releases often emphasise their commitment to personalised education and shared values. Their releases artfully blend information about services with compelling stories of educational impact, creating a narrative that resonates with both potential franchisees and families.
  2. Visiting Angels: The second example press release is an article from Scottish Business News, featuring the launch of Visiting Angels, Edinburgh, by nurse Courtney Bennett. The press release emphasises the unique ‘carer-centric’ approach of Visiting Angels, highlighting the importance of valuing and rewarding caregivers. It discusses the challenges in the care sector and Bennett’s vision to improve it through her franchise.The impact of the release is twofold. It showcases the uniqueness of the Visiting Angels business model and demonstrates demand and success – fantastic for franchise recruitment. It also creates an engaging and empathetic narrative that distinguishes them in the competitive local care sector.
  3. In this perfect example press release, ActionCOACH celebrates being rated ‘five stars’ for the 11th consecutive year in the annual Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark survey by WorkBuzz. Featured on What Franchise, this piece showcases how to use industry accolades to build and reinforce a brand’s image of excellence and reliability.

Best practice in action

Hopefully by now, you’re feeling more confident and know what to look for in example press releases when you’re doing research and preparing to write your own content. We’ve explored some real-world examples that showcase the basic rules in action. Here at Rev, we’d call this ‘cooking with gas!’  – as a saying it works. Being environmentally conscious, we feel compelled to point out the obvious flaw.

Here are a few final best practice points to take your press release writing from good to great!

  • Use of language: The language in your press release should be clear, concise, and jargon-free, making it accessible to a broad audience. Avoid overly complex sentences or industry-specific terminologies that might alienate readers who are not familiar with your sector.
  • Target audience engagement: Tailoring your press release to your target audience is key. Whether you’re addressing potential franchisees, customers, or staff, ensure that the content is relevant and engaging to them. This might involve highlighting different aspects of your news depending on the audience.
  • Visuals and accessibility: Including visuals like logos, photographs, or infographics can greatly enhance the appeal and readability of your press release. Additionally, ensure that the format is accessible, with a clean layout and easy-to-read fonts, making your content inviting and easy to navigate.
  • No shouting into the void: Please remember, a press release is more than just an announcement; it’s a reflection of your brand and a key element of your communication strategy. By crafting clear, compelling, and informative press releases, you can effectively share your brand’s story, engage your audience, and build a strong public image.

Doing what it says on the tin

The title of this blog is ‘example press releases – plus how to write your own!’ Every member of Team Rev pride themselves on being no-nonsense experts who get the job done. Hopefully, you’ve got what you came here for.

For the most part, PR isn’t rocket science. You need to know your topic inside out and have the time, tools, and energy to write your content as well as sell it into the media. Obviously, there are skills and ‘tricks of the trade’, not to mention the old little black book that inevitably come from years of working in PR. But if you want to write a press release and get your brand in the media, you can do it! We believe in you!

For more example press releases or to have a chat about how we smash PR coverage for our clients, get in touch. Email lucy@revpr.co.uk or call 07921 572554.

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