We were pleased to welcome our first work experience student last week at #TeamRev. Sydonie Brewis is studying English Language and Literature at Cardiff University. We thought it would be interesting to share her thoughts on public relations! The rest of this post is from Sydonie.

I’ll be honest, when I first said I wanted to work in PR I didn’t really know what that meant. I had an idea in my head of working in the glamorous business world where you’re organising gala dinners, liaising with brands and walking around in designer shoes. I must admit, I’d just watched the entirety of Sex and the City which didn’t really help. Samantha always seemed to be out for lunch, going to parties and looking stylish – if that was somehow a lifestyle I could lead then I would be doing whatever I could to get there.

I’ve always been good with people, my dad says I can talk my way out of anything (a very helpful little talent I have acquired, although not foolproof!) and I believe that communication is the focus of our lives. Nothing would be possible without it. I think it’s funny how we spend so much time communicating but rarely give a thought to it. PR centres around communication; thinking about who your audience is, what your message is and what do you want to get as an end result. I never really considered all of the different elements that go into PR, or what PR can do, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s basically the way that companies function.

A story doesn’t get published in a newspaper, unless it is pitched to them, and an idea doesn’t become a real entity unless it is pitched. The way that ideas become reality and then become known is entirely through PR. I never realised how big a part it played in the world until I finally got to be involved. If a company wants to succeed then they need to have a good PR person/team behind them.

Working at Rev PR is my third internship this summer. The organisations I’ve worked in range from corporate, to charity, to clothing, When I applied to each company, I said I wanted to work in PR and marketing and then left the rest up to their own interpretation. Each company goes about their PR differently and, subsequently, each placement required me to do something different. PR is such a huge topic but, in the end, it seems to boil down to your ability to communicate.

As an undergraduate who studies English Literature and Language, I spend a lot of my time reading and analysing language. One of my modules in my first year was communications. We focused on how we communicate not only as people to each other, but also a brands and networks. The idea of doing PR grew from that module, I liked the idea of tailoring the way that brands represent themselves to the rest of the world, and how their marketing is tailored to suit their buyers.

I didn’t really know what I would be doing when I started the week at Rev? If it was anything like the other work experience I have done, I would be doing odd jobs around the place, clearing out filing cabinets and just helping out where people needed it. When I started at Rev I was thrown right in, helping create campaign pitches and copywrite editorial.  I even had to phone publications and pitch to them which was absolutely terrifying but… I managed it.

I’ve definitely realised this week that PR is what I want to do, I want to have all of the contacts and be the go-to person. I just have to get into it now! I believe in setting goals and I’m working towards a graduate scheme with a big brand like Harrods or Mark & Spencer. Completing work experience and building relationships are the small steps that will help you meet your goals. I feel like ta top graduate scheme will give me the best training and from there I will be able to get into the PR world. I still have one big goal, a shoe collection that any of the Sex and the City character would be envious of!





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