Time kills conversations. There, we said it!

For better or worse, we’re living in the age of ‘now’. It’s a time of ‘instant’, of ‘on-demand’ and ‘on-the-go’. We’re no longer tied to our desks, offices, homes or even our computers to do business, conduct research and say YES.

There’s no escaping the fact that digital and social platforms have built an expectation amongst consumers (that includes your prospects remember!). An expectation that their immediate needs for information and contact can be gratified… instantly.

FACT: Response time is key on initial franchise conversations

Yet many franchisors tell us that they struggle to keep up with this insatiable desire by prospects who want a more social and interactive response to their enquiries. Sound familiar?

You’re certainly not alone but you do need to rev things up. Here are a few crucial points to help you move into the fast lane:

Respond instantly: No more setting time aside once or twice a week to sift through enquiries. Respond in kind as soon as that lead hits. You don’t need to be sending war and peace, it’s the contact that counts. Say hello, say thank you and offer a few nuggets… take it from there.

Get personal: Don’t be a robot. Auto-response is easy but a prospect will appreciate the time taken to respond in a way that shows you’re a person and that you understand they are too. Consider personalised video responses for a ‘wow’ factor.

Follow their lead: Ensure your method of communication mirrors that of your prospect. If they’ve chosen to email you, that’s where they feel most comfortable so don’t expect to pick up the phone for a chat just yet. Email them back to open dialogue.

The takeaway here is that response time is key. You can be sure that if you aren’t following up on your leads promptly and enthusiastically, someone else is.

For more advice on how to revive your lead handling process or for an experienced hand to take things up a gear, contact Dan Archer at spark@revpr.co.uk